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Vote Linda Shepard
for City Council District One

On November 8th, Mission Viejo residents will have the opportunity to elect our City Council. It would be my honor to serve the people of Mission Viejo as your Council member for District 1.

My goal is to bring local control back to our city. I will work together with other OC cities to combat policies from Sacramento and even the OC Board of Supervisors that negatively impact Mission Viejo's residents.  

Let's help keep Mission Viejo a strong, family-values community!

I have a long history of giving back and helping others be successful, whether at work, as a volunteer or as a mom.

Linda Shepard

Linda's Mission

My goal is that residents today and tomorrow will feel that sense of belonging to this wonderful community.

Linda's Vision

Ultimately, preserve and uphold the Mission Viejo way of life built with strong regards to "The California Promise!"

City of Mission Viejo Mission Statement

Our City is dedicated to creating a safe, fulfilling, and unique environment that will preserve and enhance the quality of our lives and the lives of our children.  We are committed to providing services that are responsive, innovative, and fiscally sound and that will result in a caring community where people are the difference.

You expect, when you come to California, that you’re going to have a certain kind of lifestyle and a certain physical beauty. It’s not available in every place, but it is available in Mission Viejo. And that’s why we call Mission Viejo “the California Promise.” 

Upcoming Events

I would love the opportunity to meet and hear from you.

I request your Vote. I commit to represent your voice.

Linda Shepard

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